Professional Development Registry

The Professional Development Registry is a storehouse of training information that can produce a transcript or formal record of all training completed by an individual. Information about an individual’s employment history is housed in the Registry. The information stored in the Registry helps the Quality Counts Career Center advisors work effectively with you to create a Career Development Plan and provide possible scholarship opportunities for future professional development. Participation in the Registry increases the number of high quality early care and education programs by helping to develop and track a knowledgeable and skilled early childhood workforce that is competent to teach and care for young children, support families, and train practitioners. The Registry also helps consumers, employers, and others know a practitioner’s education and their experience and knowledge of child growth and development, early childhood education, and other areas.

Who may participate in the Registry?

Early childhood practitioners who are working with young children and their families are encouraged to participate in the Professional Development Registry. This includes caregivers, teachers, educators, administrators, and other advocates for young children. The Registry is designed for anyone who works with children birth to age five (providing direct or indirect service) in a variety of settings:

  • Child care centers
  • Family and group child care homes
  • Head Start programs
  • Preschools

Why should I participate?

Participation in the Registry will help you:

  • Count yourself as a professional in the early childhood education field
  • Apply for new employment positions in early childhood programs or negotiate a salary increase with your employer
  • Validate and document the learning and training experiences in which you have participated
  • Plan your future education and career goals

What does the Registry do for the early childhood field?

  • As a storehouse of information about teacher education and training, the Training Registry is a source of reports about the condition of the child care workforce. Group data, without individual names, provides reports about the educational achievements and educational needs of the community.
  • Reports produced allow for recognition of achievement, and support community-wide planning by accurately describing the early childhood education “career lattice” -the numbers of individuals at each level of education or certification.
  • For the Quality Counts Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS) being implemented in Miami-Dade County, the individual training records of staff working in programs participating in QRIS will provide documentation that a program meets higher Star levels in the Staff Qualifications component.
  • Data from the Registry helps leaders and funders plan ways to meet training needs at all levels – from direct service with children, to trainers of teachers. The Registry portrays work with young children as a critical profession in our society, and helps professionalize the early care and education field.

What security protects my information in the Registry?

The Quality Counts Career Center Registry is a public entity and protects the confidentiality of personal information to the extent permitted under state and federal law. Private information, such as social security numbers, are masked in the Registry and will not be provided to any partners for any reason. This information is needed to secure verified professional development records on individuals from partner early childhood agencies, such as the Department of Children & Families. Your information will not be released to advertisers.

The Registry uses training and employment information to recognize an individual’s educational attainments, and to compile and publish group data reports. Group data compiled from the Registry may be released to aid community planning to increase the quality and services of the early care and education community.